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Does This Describe You?

Nobody has the answer to why your draught pours foamy.

You have to comp pints because guests complain their flat beer tastes like "The bottom of the keg".

Sometimes you are embarrassed by the pints you sell, but you'd never admit it.

Your draught variance is greater than 1.5%. Each percentage costs you $1,500 / yr.

You feel your only option to increase sales is to discount your pints.

You have draught meters, but still experience a variance.

Your staff improperly pour beer into dirty glasses.

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Most Bars Sell Beer In Dirty Glasses. Make Sure Yours Isn't One Of Them.

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What We Do

At Better Beer, we know you want to be a profitable, successful restaurateur who serves quality pints.

In order to do that you need properly trained staff and an efficient draught system that consistently pours cold, clean, clear beer.

The problem is that in most cases, draught service techs and bartenders only receive basic hand-me-down training that is out-dated and reinforces bad habits already developed. Draught techs typically aren’t paid well and they are over-worked, so some of them cut corners.

No wonder you feel confused about why your system pours foamy beer, frustrated that guests return pints, and feel at a loss for why you can’t hit theoretical draught costs.

I understand because I’ve been there.


Steve Riley
Founder, Better Beer
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See how we help improve draught beer quality, profitability, & sales.

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Scott Newnham - Firkin Pubs

Scott Newnham - Firkin Pubs

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Cindy Simpson - Duke Pubs

Cindy Simpson - Duke Pubs

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Cory Luedtke - Boston Pizza

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Sam McCaffery  - Sir Corp
Sam McCaffery - Sir Corp

Sam McCaffery - Sir Corp

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