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Serve Better Beer Course

You are the master of mixology, you work the wood like a maestro; selling, mixing, pouring.

You know how to manage 30 people sitting at the bar, deal with servers who don't pick up their drinks fast enough, and you have a secret ingredient in that go-to cocktail you have perfected.

The only thing that slows you down is your draught system.

It only seems to always pour foamy when you are the busiest.

That sports team of ten who just arrived and all ordered pints is going to slow you down while you play the chemistry set game - pouring half full pints back and forth into other glasses.

Your draught spillage tray is over flowing and you have a dozen half full pint glasses littering the shelf.

Your boss is all over you about spillage, accelerating costs, and over pours. If only there was something you could do?

We've got the solution - our unique draught quality course will help you pour better beer and improve your service and sales.

What will you learn?
  • How the system works - what are regulators, couplers, faucets, and FOBs.
  • Proper storage and receiving of kegs - which kegs should you store upside down?
  • How to change a keg without getting a beer shower.
  • Proper pour - how to explain to a guest why the head is so important so you get less push-back.
  • Beer clean glasses - what you can do to make sure the glasses are clean and how this saves you time.
  • Branded glasses - yup, they're a pain, but they also make your life much easier, and you make more by using them.
  • Using FOBs - not knowing how to use a FOB properly will waste 4 minutes of your time at EVERY keg change.
  • Troubleshooting - the system only breaks down on busy nights it seems. Wouldn't it be great if you could solve some problems on your own and get back to pouring pints?
  • How to sell more beer.
  • And more...
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What Are People Saying About the Better Beer Course?

“The pictures and diagrams are nice. The videos are short, sweet and to the point which is important in keeping people's attention. I feel engaged and the handouts are well paced to take good notes. Overall a well designed course and a service to the beer industry! Tip of the hat to you sirs!”Camilo A, Toronto Beer Enthusiast
“Steve understands and speaks to the challenges that we in the industry face everyday. He is an industry professional which makes the course more interesting, its not just by the book its realistic reliable information that we can use.”Sadia, Bartender, British Pub, Toronto
“There were a lot of little details in each module that I didn’t know before. I’ve been in this industry for over 10 years and I’m surprised that those simple things were never taught to me.”Kevin, Manager, Fine Dining, Toronto
“It is very informative without being boring, it goes at a quick enough pace that it holds your attention.”Christina, Bartender, Family/themed restaurant, GTA
“I liked that everything was reinforced, instead of saying things once quickly, making the course easy to follow. The videos were informative and not lengthy, I was able to keep focused. I found I learned a lot!”Ashley, Bartender, Sports Bar, London, Ontario