Understanding Direct Draw Systems

A course for Restaurant Operators

A direct draw beer system is where the kegs are located directly below the taps. The keg(s) and tower(s) are enclosed in one box.

Direct Draw systems are an easy, inexpensive alternative to a long draw system - where the beer comes from a walk-in cooler a distance away from the taps.

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The biggest problem with Direct Draw Systems is warm, foamy beer.

Warm beer is foamy beer.
Your staff can't pour warm beer properly - it's not possible, and they end up dumping it down the drain.
When guests are served warm beer they return it or choke it down and don't order another one.
Warm beer is frustrating for you, your staff, and your guests.

Our Direct Draw Course includes a training video and our Insider's Guide which covers the following:
  • how the system works
  • what type of gas you must use
  • how long the lines should be
  • what type of gas regulator
  • the one thing that ensures you pour cold beer that most systems don't utilize
  • how to chill towers that pour more than two beers
  • plus much more
Includes a copy of our Insider's Guide to Direct Draws.
Take this course and save yourself the headaches of pouring warm, foamy beer down the drain.

Get Instant Access To The Course and The Insider's Guide.
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Note: This course is for operators who have a Direct Draw system where kegs are located directly below the taps. If you have a Long Draw system (kegs in a fridge away from the bar), take our Long Draw course.

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