Beer Glass Cleaning


“But I can buy other glass brushes at a fraction of the price.”

How is the Kiss Kleen brush different from the other brushes on the market? The Kiss Kleen Brush:

  • Commercial grade
  • Made in USA
  • 9 inch brushes for beer glasses, not 7 inches
  • Has replaceable brushes
  • Scrubs outside of glass as well as inside
  • Allows staff to clean two glasses at once, get glass cleaning done in half the time
  • The entire base is a full suction cup, to secure it in the sink. Others have four little suction cups which release after the slightest pressure.
  • Can be dis-assembled for cleaning
  • Soft but tough bristles that won’t scratch the logos off of beer glasses like the cheap, imported from across the globe ones do

Beer Clean Glasses for only $149

Our kit includes a commercial grade Kiss Kleen glass cleaning brush with suction cup, a tub of 100 Beer Cleaner tablets (two year supply), and an instruction sheet.


Use the kit once a week to supplement your regular glass cleaning. Start with clean, dry, room temperature glasses.


For an electronic printable copy of the instructions and the MSDS, please email us at

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