Beer Glass Cleaning Kit


Dirty Beer Glasses

…have a film of oil and grease inside the glass that kills head orientation and they have a HUGE impact on how your beer is going to taste and look.

Causes of Dirty Pint Glasses

  • Fingers inside the glass
  • Putting soda, coffee, or dairy-based drinks in pint glasses
  • Cleaning beer glasses in a dishwasher
  • Napkins, coaster, or cutlery in the glass

Beer Clean Glasses

…are free from oil and grease on the inside. This allows the foam head to form a seal with the inside of the glass so the head holds.

Our Beer Glass Cleaning Kit is designed to be used as a supplement to your existing glass cleaning procedure. Using our kit once a week will help ensure your glasses are beer clean and your pints will have great head retention.

The greatest investment that you can make in improving your draught beer quality.

Watch as Matt Carwell from Royal Oak Pubs chats with Steve about how using the Beer Glass Cleaning Kit has helped him and his team pour great quality pints and save thousands as well.

Signs of Beer Clean Glasses

  • Lacing on inside of glass
  • No CO2 stuck on inside of glass
  • Repeat pint orders from guests

“But I can buy other glass brushes at a fraction of the price.”

How is the Kiss Kleen brush different from the other brushes on the market? The Kiss Kleen Brush:

  • Commercial grade
  • Made in USA
  • 9 inch brushes for beer glasses, not 7 inches
  • Has replaceable brushes
  • Scrubs outside of glass as well as inside
  • Allows staff to clean two glasses at once, get glass cleaning done in half the time
  • The entire base is a full suction cup, to secure it in the sink. Others have four little suction cups which release after the slightest pressure.
  • Can be dis-assembled for cleaning
  • Soft but tough bristles that won’t scratch the logos off of beer glasses like the cheap, imported from across the globe ones do

Beer Clean Glasses for only $149

Our kit includes a commercial grade Kiss Kleen glass cleaning brush with suction cup, a tub of 100 Beer Cleaner tablets (two year supply), and an instruction sheet.


Use the kit once a week to supplement your regular glass cleaning. Start with clean, dry, room temperature glasses.


For an electronic printable copy of the instructions and the MSDS, please email us at

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