Next Steps

Discussions and Next Steps - Made Easy

Step 1 - Book It In

Let's get a short meeting booked in. How would you like to request a meeting time?

Step 2 - Let's Meet

We will come to your establishment and meet for 20-40 minutes.
We'll get a good understanding of your draught challenges and your system.
Then we'll take you through what we do. We'll discuss pricing and which packages are a fit for your place, and customize something for you if none of our bundles, packages, or programs fit your needs.
Then we'll decide together if this will be a fit;  it isn't always and that's ok.
If it is a fit, we move on to On-Boarding. Welcome to the world of Better Beer!

Step 3 - On-Boarding

Our services are easy to implement and non-intrusive. They require very little time from you and mesh well with your current programs.
Here is the process:
  1. We set you up as a user in our system where the magic happens. You'll get immediate access to our ever-growing bank of resources (our fancy way of saying "library of cool draught knowledge").
  2. We issue you passcodes for the course(s). You assign them to your staff in less than 90 seconds (yup, it's that easy and fast).
  3. We overnight you a beer glass cleaning kit. So long flat headless pints!
  4. We schedule in the Deep Dive audit where you and your managers will spend 90 minutes as we take you through your draught system, piece by piece.
The Average bar spills
dollars a year in draught beer
We have done
draught quality audits since 2010
Average First Audit Score
Average Third Audit Score
Average Sixth Audit Score
Number of grads from the Serve Better Beer Course
We are currently monitoring the line cleaning of
draught beer lines.

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