Recovery Lost Draught From Line Cleaning

Everyone: "What a BRILLIANT idea!"

Us: "Thank you!"


We've developed a system to help you recover most of the draught beer that would be lost during line cleaning.

Our Draught Recovery Kit lets you drain the beer from your lines the night before line cleaning and sell it the next day.

Here's how it works:

  • Your Draught Service Tech calls your manager a day or two before they are scheduled to come in and clean your lines.
  • At the end of the night before your scheduled line cleaning, your closing bartender uses our caps and filler tubes to fill a growler (large glass jug) with beer from each line.
  • You sell these growlers of fresh draught to guests (or staff) over the next three days.
  • Clean the growlers and filler tubes.
  • Repeat each time your lines are cleaned.

That's right - not only do you save the cost of the beer that normally gets dumped down the drain but now you sell it for a profit. Turn $1,000 loss into a $3,000 sale.

Use our calculator to determine how much money you could save:

Step One: How Long Are Your Lines In Feet?
Step Two: How Many Lines Do You Have?
Step Three: How Many Times Per Year Do You Clean Your Lines?
Beer Lost Per Clean
This Is The Value Of The Beer Lost During Line Cleaning Right Now
How Much Would You Sell A 32oz Serving Of Draught For?
Selling Recovered Draught Instead Of Dumping It Could PUT This Much Money In Your Jeans EVERY Year! Boom!

NOTE: The distance between your walk-in keg fridge and your taps needs to be >30 feet. Our kit does not work on direct draw systems, Guinness, or slider couplers or European faucets (see below).  The Recovery Kit is designed for domestic or Perlick faucets and domestic and euro couplers (S couplers - Heineken, Stella, Strongbow,...). If you are not sure about your system set-up, please call us prior to ordering and we can let you know.

Shipping and handling varies based on your location. We only ship within Canada.

There are three different options based on your needs; see below.

Instructional videos included.

Draught Recovery Kit


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There are three different kit options:

  • Full Kit: If you don’t have anything and are purchasing the entire kit, this is for you.
  • No Growlers: If you have or are sourcing your own growlers or you plan on using mason jars, this option is for you. This option saves you a fair amount in shipping, as shipping glass jugs is expensive. If you are fine using mason jars that you buy from Canadian Tire or if you want to purchase your own growlers, get this option.
  • Add-on (Caps Only): If you have purchased a Draught To Go Kit from us in the past, all you need are the cleaning caps.

Faucet Type

You also need to select which faucet type you have for the filler tubes. Please note there are three different types and there are no filler tubes available for Euro faucets.

Beer Faucet Types

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