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Nobody should open a brewery without a taproom. You get it, you have one. Check.
Your brewer trains your taproom bartenders on ingredients, process, and styles. Check.
Guests to your taproom assume your staff know about draught.  But – your staff don’t. Like the image, they know beer, they don’t know draught.
Dirty Beer Glasses – a problem in over 80% of the taprooms we have visited. Eighty percent!  That’s unacceptable.
Taproom Bartender

Knows what a double decoction mash is, but can’t pour a pint properly, can’t troubleshoot the system, and doesn’t know a dirty beer glass when he sees it.

What Is BetterBeer.com?

Why people hire us:
They are frustrated with draught spillage, low keg yields, returned pints, low re-order rates from guests, and staff that pour beer down the drain. They’ve had it with a draught system that rarely works and has issues that nobody can solve.
1 –  Using the industry’s only draught quality audit, we can identify efficiency and quality issues that result in downtime, lower keg yields, and frustrated staff and guests.
2 – The Serve Better Beer Online Draught Quality Course helps ensure staff all receive the same draught beer training. It’s trackable, consistent, and mobile-ready. Hand-me-down, paper-based, “We’ve always done it this way” training is outdated and does not work.
3 –  Dirty beer glasses lead to staff “Topping Up” or doing “The Service Bar Swirl.”  More importantly, dirty beer glasses cause lower yields and lower re-order rates from guests. Your current glass washing routine needs to be supplemented with our Beer Glass Cleaning Kit.
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What Are People Saying About Better Beer?

Jonathan Hatchell, CEO at Royal Oak Pubs

“Better Beer is a great resource to have working on your side to enable your business to pour the “perfect pint”. Steve Riley and his team are beer professionals!”

Anthony Demas, ‎Director, Beverage Management at Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants

“Steve and his team at Better Beer, in combination with their online training program, have been instrumental in helping us increase the quality and efficiency of our draught beer program.”



Pricing – Which plan is right for you?

We’ve packaged our services based on weekly keg volumes and/or number of FOH staff to give you an easy way to figure out which package is best for you. 
Which best describes you?

If you sell 5-10  kegs per week and/or have fewer than 20 Front-of-House staff, our medium volume options are for you. For a $500-800 investment you’ll get a slew of tools to help you improve draught quality, profitability, and sales.
Click here for Medium Draught Volume pricing.

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