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Because Life Is Too Short To Drink Bad Beer

Have you ever been served a pint that just wasn't "right"?
Maybe it tasted funny.
Maybe is was cloudy and it shouldn't be.

Ever wake up the day after enjoying two pints, but feel like you had ten?

Sitting at the bar or in the restaurant, you can't see what is going on behind the bar or in the keg room; the things that we can see. Things like this...

Dirty FOB
Dirty Beer Coupler
Kegs as shelves
Dirty Beer Lines
Dirty Beer Tap
Dirty Beer FOB

You can't tell how long ago the lines were cleaned, or if the beer you're drinking is fresh, or even if the draught taps are clean.
Some people can tell that their beer isn't right - it may be flat, cloudy, or warm, but they don't know why.

It's really frustrating when you spend your hard-earned money on bad pints.
We developed the industry's only brewery-neutral Draught Quality Audit.

Our draught quality certification program takes care of these things for you. We review the establishments on our program every month to ensure the lines and equipment are clean, the beer is fresh and cold, and the glasses are clean.
Using brewing industry standards as a base, we added extra criteria to help ensure you are getting the best possible pint. We check over 20 items on each line to make sure the system is clean and efficient.

The average first score is 40. What do you think your local bar's score will be?

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