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Draught Recovery Kit

Save & Sell

We've figured out a way to recover the beer in your draught lines prior to line cleaning and then sell it.

Our Draught Recovery Tools and Kits will let you turn a $1,000 loss into $3,000 of sales.

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Beer Glass Cleaning

Dirty beer glasses cause lower re-order rates, overfills, flat-looking pints that get returned by guests.

Our commercial-grade Kiss Kleen brush along with our Better Beer Glass Cleaners are used by 100's of restaurants across Canada.

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Serve Better Beer

Draught Training

The industry's most comprehensive draught education programs. Designed and delivered by restaurant people, for restaurant people. No technical mumbo-jumbo.

Online, accessible 24/7, courses, manuals, guides, and workbooks.

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Draught To-Go Supplies

If you are thinking of selling Draught To-Go, we have everything you need. Full kits, replacement parts, filler tubes, cleaning solution, brushes, and more.

Need to know how to sell draught to-go successfully? Download the Draught To-Go Playbook.

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Everything Else

Repair Kits, thermometers, wrenches, and fruit flies solutions, plus more!

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