Molson Sub Zero Draught

Stop the foaming – sell cold beer.

Struggling With Your Sub Zero?

The Molson Sub Zero draught system is fantastic…when it is working properly.
Your staff are the problem.  95% of service calls for Sub Zero are staff related.
Improper FOB resets, improper pouring, lack of troubleshooting knowledge, and just not understanding how it works…all lead to downtime, spillage, and expensive after-hours service calls.
Here is the solution.
An on-line course that is trackable, consistent, unintrusive, and endorsed by Molson.


People like cold beer!
Make sure you have some to sell.

What will you learn?

  • How the system works – what makes the beer so cold.
  • Proper pour – it’s different than other pints and you’ve probably been doing it wrong.
  • How glassware effects quality and ease of pour.
  • Using FOBs – not knowing how to use a FOB properly will waste your time and cause 12 pitchers of foamy beer.
  • Troubleshooting – the system only breaks down on busy nights it seems. Wouldn’t it be great if you could solve some problems on your own and get back to pouring pints?
  • An understanding of Molson Canadian and Coors Light.

Watch the demo video.

Is The Investment Worth It?

ONE Incorrect Sub Zero FOB Reset

Based on $7.00 pint of draught, 12 pints per hour, two oz per second pour speed.


Avg loss of sales
per hour

Avg cost
of service call

Avg cost of 3 hours downtime
with a service call

A bad FOB reset on a Sub Zero system causes:
-at least 3 hours of downtime
-typically 12 pitchers of foam (25% beer)
-and a service call.

This totals:



Avg cost of draught
per ounce

Fluid oz in a pitcher

Twelve pitchers of foam
(foam is 25% beer)

Return On Investment

If the ten pack investment saves ONE improper FOB reset, not only is the training paid for, but you have also saved $116.40.

And you save $385.40 every time there isn’t an improper FOB reset in the future.

How’s that for ROI?

Sub Zero Course Pricing

What Are People Saying About the Better Beer Course?

“We used to have so many problems with Sub Zero. I dreaded going into work some days. Then we figured out what our problem was and it’s a dream to work with. I’m so glad our bar has it. Thanks guys!”Julie B,, Sports Bar, Alberta
“The best is the workbook. The videos are great, but the workbook has so much information. The graphics are really neat. We printed the FOB one and stuck it in the keg room.”Devon R., Pub, GTA

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We guarantee it. If you don’t learn at least three techniques to improve quality, sales, and tips, we’ll refund your money.
You have 14 days to complete the course which takes most people 30 minutes to do.
Yes, at the end of each lesson. Six to ten multiple choice questions. You can not advance to the next lesson without completing the test.
Yes, it works on desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets.
Absolutely not. You can login and out as many times as you like. You pick up right where you left off.
Fewer headaches, less downtime, and lower spillage.

So, yes  🙂 is a brewery-neural company who works with all brewers, big and small.
Molson Coors own the rights to the Sub Zero technology and the name, we are providing training for their system.
If you have a unique draught system and would like to provide third party training for it (it’s less expensive that doing it in house) then please reach out to us here.