Helping you find a better draught beer


Life is too short to drink bad pints.

A few years ago we got REALLY tired of spending good money on bad beer.
Warm, flat, cloudy pints that shouldn't be.

So, we started - a Draught Beer Quality Certification Program. Almost all of the quality problems you experience in your pint happen after the keg has been dropped off at the bar. Old beer, dirty lines, mould-covered taps, warm beer, the wrong beer gas, dirty glasses, and untrained bar staff are just some of the problems that you can't see from your barstool.

Not to worry, my friend! There is good news - we check all of this stuff for you in our monthly unannounced reviews.

Once a bar passes our tough review, we list them on this site and we put our seal on the door. So when you go into a Quality Certified Establishment, you know that you are getting fresh, cold beer that has been properly poured through clean lines and taps, into clean branded beer glasses.

Now that's worth ordering another!

Don't see our seal at your local? Simply suggest an establishment. Easy Peasy. - Go there to know where®


The Team