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There is no certification, college diploma, or apprenticeship to become a draught service technician.

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Your Inefficient Draught System Eats Away At Your Profitability & Quality

Nobody has the answer to why your draught pours foamy.

Guests complain about flat beers that taste like "The bottom of the keg".

You are embarrassed of the pints you sell, but you'd never admit it.

Your draught variance is greater than 2%.

You feel your only option to increase sales is to discount your pints.

You have draught meters, but still experience a variance.

The Path To Better Beer

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Q&A and Demo

Book in a 20-minute demo so we can see if we are a fit and how much we can save you. We'll customize a plan based on your challenges and needs.

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Start The Program

Ship you a Glass Cleaning Kit.
Assign on-line training to your team.
Schedule Deep Dive Audit and on-boarding for your leadership our team.

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Better keg yields, fewer comped pints, increased quality and profitability.
Fewer sleepless nights.
And, you're proud of the pints you sell.

What We Do - How It Works

At Better Beer, we know you want to be a profitable, successful restaurateur who serves quality pints.

In order to do that you need properly trained staff and an efficient draught system that consistently pours cold, clean, clear beer.

The problem is that draught service techs and bartenders only receive basic hand-me-down training that is out-dated and reinforces bad habits already developed. Draught techs typically aren’t paid well and they are over-worked, so some of them cut corners.

No wonder you feel confused about why your system pours foamy beer, frustrated that guests return pints, and feel at a loss for why you can’t hit theoretical draught costs.

I understand because I’ve been there. When I was in the industry, I experienced every one of the challenges you are dealing with. My draught spillage was 10% on a good week because nobody could help me. “It’s just the way your system is Steve” they’d say. 

betterbeer Steve RileyBeer sqx

That’s why I started learning about draught systems in 2002, opened and sold a draught service company and then in 2009, I started BetterBeer.com

Here’s how it works:

  • We start with the industry’s only draught quality assessment to evaluate the efficiency of your system. Then we give you a list of recommendations to improve your quality and profitability. Because we don’t clean lines, sell or service draught systems/equipment, there is no conflict of interest.
  • I’ve been teaching draught training since 2002 and I’m really good at it. Brewers send their teams to us for draught training. We provide you with passcodes for our online courses I’ve developed so your staff can sell and serve better beer.
  • The same day you commit to selling Better Beer, we’ll send you a beer glass cleaning kit so your pints will start to look and taste great because of their head retention. Even Jimmy, the regular at the end of your bar, will comment about how great they are. Oh, and you’ll start to save 26 cents a pint now as well because your pints won’t be filled to the rim.

So book a demo with me to invest 20 minutes of your time where I’ll get to know you, your system, and your challenges. From there we’ll determine if it is a fit for both of us and I’ll customize a Better Beer package for you so you can stop losing money and start putting more money in the bank each day.