An Audit You’ll Want

There is no certification, college diploma, or apprenticeship to become a draught service technician.

Step One:

Enter In Your Sales Data

Large Keg Sales Per Week

Small Keg Sales Per Week

Total Large Keg Cost Per Week


Total Small Keg Cost Per Week


Total Keg Cost Per Week


Average Weekly Spillage in Percent

* This number is your average weekly variance - the difference between your theoretical draught cost and your actual draught cost. Could also be the variance between sold and poured that your meters report.
Industry Average is 8-11%.

Average Spillage Cost Per Week

Average Spillage Cost Per Year


Step Two:

Select the Services: A Better Beer Bundle, Package, or Plan?

Step Three:

Return On Investment

Total Spillage Cost


Total Investment With Better Beer

Return On Investment - Number Of Times


Investment - As % Of Spillage


Step Four:

Let's Chat. Send us a request to discuss lowering your spillage.