Recurring Draught Quality Audits

On-going Draught Quality Assurance Program

Why do you need recurring audits if you have a draught service company?
Draught Service companies clean and service lines.
They are reactive, meaning that they fix broken equipment when it breaks.
They don't proactively check your system.
They don't check temperatures, date codes, proper rotation, beer glass cleanliness, or signs that your staff are doing what they should do.
And they certainly don't tell you that they missed a thing or two when cleaning your system.
This is where we help you where others can't.
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Once we have completed a Deep Dive audit, most clients subscribe to recurring audits.
Theses audits are shorter than a Deep Dive and are completed quarterly or monthly.
What do we check?
  • Line cleaning frequency and quality.
  • Date codes on kegs to ensure proper rotation and freshness.
  • Temperatures of walk-in and beer from the tap from each trunk line.
  • Over twenty quality checks per line.
  • Condition of the towers, lines, couplers, faucets, and FOBs.
  • Plus much more
Watch your Better Beer Draught Quality Score improve each month along with your profitability, keg yield, and re-order rates.
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Recurring Audits Are Part Of Our Programs

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