Advancing Better Beer Course

Advanced Draught Quality Course for Restaurant Keyholders

Building on the Serve Better Beer Course, the Advancing Better Beer Course is designed for keyholders – Managers, Owners, Supervisors, and Directors. Anyone who is in charge of a restaurant with draught beer.

The Advancing Better Beer Course is more technical than the Serve Better Beer Course and is designed to help you better understand the system.

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What will I learn?
  • Glass Rinsers – why they are important and the two things that must be installed, but usually aren’t.
  • Jumping Kegs – one of the biggest no-no’s in the industry, but we still see it
  • Troubleshooting At The Taps
  • Beer Gas 101 – what is beer gas and why it has such a massive effect on beer quality
  • Trunk lines – like the internet cable into your house
  • Line Chillers – because people like cold beer. Broken line chiller = warm, foamy beer
  • The Walk-in – top to bottom, how all that equipment on the wall really works.
  • Line Cleaning – what should line cleaners be doing? What is your responsibility?
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