The two main reasons you have overfilled pints and are wasting thousands:

Your staff:

  • They overfill glasses because they don’t understand why the dime-sized head is important.
  • They can’t explain the reasons for the head to a guest, so they fill it to the brim when they get push-back.
  • They don’t realize how much profit this costs you: ~ $12,000 a year.
  • They don’t realize how much money in sales and tips you are both losing because guests are full and bloated from drinking over-carbonated draught.

Your dirty draught glasses:

  1. Covered with an invisible film of oil and grease (from fingers, dirty napkins, dairy, and pop) the head of the pint won’t stick and falls within seconds of pouring.
  2. As pints sit on the Service Bar, your servers stir the pint with a straw, aka: “The Service Swirl”.
  3. Or they “Top-it-up” with twenty cents of your money in each pint

We have simple, inexpensive, guaranteed solutions for both of these costly problems.

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