Proven Solutions To Stop Overfilled Pints

Pulling Hair Out From Overfilled Pints

I've Been There

When I was in the restaurant business, I struggled to solve the on-going problem of over-filled pints being served to my guests.

Guests never complained because they were getting more beer, but the hit to my bottom line was massive.

I was told that it is "just a cost of doing business" and that everyone struggles with it.

Even my draught service company said they couldn't solve the problem.

I left restaurant operations and have been working on helping people improve their draught quality, profitability, and sales for the past 20 years.

Here is what I have learned:

The two main reasons you have overfilled pints and are wasting thousands:

Your staff:

  • They overfill glasses because they don't understand why the dime-sized head is important.
  • They can't explain the reasons for the head to a guest, so they fill it to the brim when they get push-back.
  • They don't realize how much lost profit this costs you: ~ $12,000 a year.
  • They don't realize how much money in sales and tips you are both losing because guests are full and bloated from drinking over-carbonated draught.

Your dirty draught glasses:

  • Covered with an invisible film of oil and grease (from fingers, dirty napkins, dairy, and pop) the head of the pint won't stick and falls within seconds of pouring.
  • As pints sit on the Service Bar, your servers stir the pint with a straw, aka: "The Service Swirl".
  • Or they "Top-it-up" with twenty cents of your money in each pint

We have proven, inexpensive, guaranteed, easy-to-implement solutions for both of these costly problems.

Serve Better Beer Course

The industry's most comprehensive, brewery neutral, online draught quality and profitability training.

Used by many restaurants across the country, you can have your staff start the training in minutes.

They'll learn how to:

  • properly pour, serve, and sell draught beer
  • troubleshooting
  • why selling quality draught can make them AND YOU more money
  • plus more...

A 90-minute online course that is packed with information that will help eliminate your over-filling issue.

Beer Glass Cleaning Kit

You need to supplement your current mechanical glass cleaning procedure (Dolfyn or a conveyor) with a weekly glass cleaning procedure.

Our Beer Glass Cleaning kit ensures:

  • proper head retention
  • better tasting pints
  • better looking pints

We guarantee that when used properly you'll see an increase in quality and profitability or we'll refund your money. We've sold hundreds of these kits and have never had one returned. Not. A. Single. One.

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Andy Arndt


"Better Beer has become an integral tool in managing our restaurants. Since jumping on board with this program, we have seen great gains in keeping and maintaining strong draught costs.

With the courses, our management teams now have the tools and knowledge to troubleshoot issues within our draught system and ensure we are always serving great pints of beer. The staff all enjoy the courses and are quick to utilize their learnings with how it emphasizes how serving better beer benefits themselves, and their customers.

Better Beer has been a fantastic addition to the tools in our restaurant, and with it, we feel confident our customers are enjoying fantastic beer."

Additional Options
Deep Dive Audit

Our most popular service - Our 90 minute Deep Dive audit where we walk-thru your entire draught system with you and your team.

We'll explain how everything works, point out what you are doing well, leave you with some to-dos and recommendations to improve your system.

We'll provide you with our Better Beer Draught Quality Score and let you know how you rank vs other establishments.

A typical first score is 57%. What will yours be?

Line Cleaning Tracking

For years, restaurant operators everywhere have struggled to keep track of their line cleaning.

We sure did when we were running restaurants.

We had questions like these:

  • Which lines were cleaned when, and by whom?
  • How long has it been since they were cleaned last?
  • I haven't seen that line cleaner in ages? Did they come in on my day off?

Finally, these questions can be answered.

Introducing the Better Beer line cleaning tracking system.

Showing you when your lines were cleaned last, by whom, and how long it was between each clean.

See what Cory Luedtke from Boston Pizza had to say about how Better Beer has helped him increase his draught beer sales.

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