Streaming Seminar

Seminar via Streaming Video

Step One: Call a General Staff Meeting.
Step Two: Simply attach a laptop to a projector or TV and using the url and password we provide, login and click play.

Too easy.

Don't want to pay for passcodes or to have Steve travel and come to your store for a staff meeting? No worries. The Streaming Seminar is for you.
We give you access to the Serve Better Beer Course for three hours so you can stream all of the videos in the course to your staff and follow it up with a test to ensure they learned something. 75 minutes for the course and 15 for the test - you could have your entire FOH staff through the course in 90 minutes.
The video is a sample of the engaging, relevant Draught Profitability & Quality  course -  Serve Better Beer.

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Streaming Seminar

  • Streaming Seminar
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What They Are Saying


Andy Arndt


"Better Beer has become an integral tool in managing our restaurants. Since jumping on board with this program, we have seen great gains in keeping and maintaining strong draught costs.

With the courses, our management teams now have the tools and knowledge to troubleshoot issues within our draught system and ensure we are always serving great pints of beer. The staff all enjoy the courses and are quick to utilize their learnings with how it emphasizes how serving better beer benefits themselves, and their customers.

Better Beer has been a fantastic addition to the tools in our restaurant, and with it, we feel confident our customers are enjoying fantastic beer."

“I have worked for Paupers/Madison for over 25 years and finally an informative staff meeting that I took something out of! The good thing was to get it from the perspective of someone who has slung pints for a living! Keep up the good work!”

Alex S., Bartender, English Pub, Downtown Toronto

“It is very informative without being boring, it goes at a quick enough pace that it holds your attention.”

Christina T., Bartender, Boston Pizza, GTA

“I liked the fact that I actually learned something new and useful after 20 years in the industry. I’d recommend it to bar owners. It could really save them time and money if they train everyone in pouring a beer properly.”

Jennifer A., Manager, Wing focused restaurant, Central Ontario

“I use the techniques I learned through the course and I already see improvements! It’s SO hard going to a bar and ordering beer on tap now knowing what a dirty glass looks like, it’s disgusting!”

Hilary R., General Manager, Sports Bar, Kingston Rd, Toronto

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