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If you are a hospitality professional who sells beer, you are in the right place.


We help solve the three biggest problems with draught beer for licensees.

1.  The amount of draught beer that is poured down the drain in spillage. The average bar pours about $12,000 down the drain each year – a higher cost if you include the taxes owed on it.
2.  The hand-me-down staff training headaches that have been the norm in the industry for years – inconsistent messaging, paper-based testing, lack of accountability, poorly attended meetings and staff who have been “doing it this way for years”, who know it all already.
3.  Dirty Beer Glasses. They are the biggest cause of flat, headless pints that result in returns, costing thousands in comps and angry guests.

How We Help

Brewery Neutral
Draught Quality Audit

We have developed a detailed draught system audit that will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the efficiency and state of your draught system.

We check everything from keg to glass and provide detailed solutions in real-time to help lower spillage and downtime while improving quality and profitability.

More Info About Audits

On-line Draught
Quality & Profitability Course

We have the industry’s only on-line Draught Quality Course. It’s great that your staff know the difference between an IPA and a Pilsner, but if they can’t use a FOB properly or troubleshoot the system, then that beer knowledge is useless. Consistent messaging, trackable results and all available online; the 70-minute Serve Better Beer Course is designed by hospitality professionals, for hospitality professionals.

More Info About The Serve Better Beer Course

Beer Glass Cleaning Kit

Our beer glass cleaning kit solves one of the biggest problems in the business – dirty beer glasses. Dirty beer glasses cause overfills and headless pints that go flat quickly. Standard glass washing is not enough, you need to supplement it with our weekly glass cleaning kit to ensure proper head retention and carbonation.


The Believers

Are you We can prove results with our case study.

Case Study

It’s ok to be skeptical. Some people are. But…we have a case study that shows that our program increased beer sales, improved quality, and lowered draught costs. Let’s chat.
Better Beer Case Study.


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