Branded Beer Glasses – Reason # 3

unbrandedGlassesOnBarLast month we talked about marketing, last week about the impact on taste, so today let’s talk about how branded glasses help you better run a restaurant.

If you have had the amazing experience of working as a server or bartender (highly recommend it, btw) you will have experienced this image to the right at one time or another.  You walk up to the service bar to grab your two pints of similar style beer (albeit different brands) and find yourself looking at this. Which is which?

We used to put them in the same order as on the chit (the small piece of paper that is printed so the bartender knows what to make) although some bars are switching to a screen system like you see at a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR).

Admittedly, with only two pints on service, you can probably manage. But add another dozen on a busy night and I’ll bet you a lunch that someone is getting the wrong beer. Especially if they are all in the same unbranded glass.

Branded glasses solve this problem. If I know I’m picking up a Steam Whistle, a King Pilsner, and a Stella I can tell which group of pints are mine.  Also, which one is which within the group if they all are in the properly branded glass.

BONUS – it makes it easier for the server at the table too.  “Can I get you another beer? Yes? Sorry, what beer was that?” vs. “I’m heading to the bar, how about a cold Steam Whistle?” (while nodding – but that’s a different post).

Tell me in the comments – how many beers does your bar comp in a week for guests getting the incorrect beer?


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