Glycol Chilled Direct Draw

Using a glycol loop system to chill a Direct Draw tower.

Direct Draw systems are designed to use a one or two tap 3" column tower which is chilled by a blower hose inserted into the tower.
When using any other style of tower, a blower hose will not chill the tower effectively, you must use a glycol chilled loop system.
The video shows how this works. Some key points that we have found really help improve this system:
  • Use the thinnest walled line possible. You need flexible line up into the tower but inside the box, you can use thin walled barrier. At no time should braided line be used as it is too thick.
  • Have a manager check the water levels inside the "bath" each week as you will lose some water from evaporation.
  • If there is water pooling on the bottom of the box, it may not be from keg condensation, it may be a leak in the loop system.
  • Ensure there is a water bottle installed so you can easily temp the box.
  • You can use straight water in the bath but we highly recommend adding some glycol to ensure it doesn't freeze if the thermostat breaks and freezes the box (or a bartender turns the thermostat down).
  • Do not store anything but kegs inside of the box to reduce the number of times the doors are opened during a shift.
  • Ensure all supply and return lines are secured to the walls of the box so they do not get pulled out when rambunctious staff are changing kegs.

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