Tap Listings Best Practices

Click here for a list of Brewers and their Brands.

It is important that the brands are on the correct lines and in the correct order. This way the line cleaner can quickly identify the lines they are cleaning. Also, the brands need to be updated as they change in real-time (or shortly after) so the list is accurate and so that the cleaner can check off the correct brand. Example, if the Steamwhistle cleaner comes in and there is no Steamwhistle listed, they can’t record their cleans.

The brands listed in our system should correspond with the way the kegs/lines are in the walk-in beer fridge. Industry best practice when installing a draught system is to go from left to right in the walk-in. Line 1 will be the left-most brand, line 2 the second left-most line,… This order should be the same at the bar.

When you are standing on the guest side of the bar, the taps should be listed RIGHT TO LEFT, with line one being the right-most tap handle.

When standing behind the bar, the brands should be listed LEFT TO RIGHT, with line one being the left-most tap handle.

Other considerations:

  • If it is on a Direct Draw it should have a “DD” in front of the name. Example “DD – Coors Light” This helps everyone identify where the line is as the line order becomes confusing when direct draws are involved.
  • If it is a rotating tap, list the brewery name and then the word Rotating or Seasonal. Example “Muskoka Rotating”. If it is a seasonal tap on a direct draw it will be entered as “DD – Muskoka Seasonal”. Seasonal brands usually change 4-6 times a year, Rotating change more frequently.
  • Lines that are empty will not be cleaned. This poses a problem for the reports as they will eventually show up as being neglected. You need to use the word “Empty” to identify an empty line. When the system sees “Empty” it will change the background colour to white and remove it from the reports, auto-scoring, and emails. When the line becomes active again, the listing will need to change from Empty to the correct brand. It is industry best practice that an empty line that is now being tapped is cleaned prior to tapping. This clean should be recorded so that the line will show as recently cleaned (green status) and the life of the line begins again. If it is on a direct draw, do not add it as “DD – Empty” because the system will not recognize that as an empty line, just leave it as “Empty”.
  • Please ensure that you are getting the correct spelling. It is Rickard’s, not Richards. Stella, not Steller, Kronenbourg not Kronenberg. Take your time and get it right, please.