This page calculates the ROI of our services using annual industry HL volume (usually provided by distributors or sales reps).
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Step One:

Enter In Your Sales Data

Annual Industry HL Draught Sales

Average Cost Per Keg (no deposit, no tax)

Total Draught Cost Per Year


Average Weekly Spillage in Percent

* This number is your average weekly variance - the difference between your theoretical draught cost and your actual draught cost. Could also be the variance between sold and poured that your meters report.
Industry Average is 8-11%.

Average Spillage Cost Per Week


Average Spillage Cost Per Year


Step Two:

Select the Services: A Better Beer Bundle, Package, or Plan?

Step Three:

Return On Investment

Average Spillage Cost Per Year


Total Investment With Better Beer


Return On Investment - Number Of Times


Investment - As % Of Spillage


Step Four:

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