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Secret Shopper Draught Service

Within the Greater Toronto Area

You know something isn't right with your draught, but you are not sure what.

We know draught.

We don't know wine, spirits, or food, so we can't shop those areas for you. There are many companies who can do those type of secret shop.
What makes us unique is that each visit is conducted by a Certified CiceroneĀ® or a Beer Judge who has extensive restaurant management and draught beer system experience. Believe me, there aren't many of us. We have laser focus on what makes a great draught experience.

Here's what happens:

We show up at your bar on the day and during the time-frame that you book. We will evaluate using two pints, one of each of your highest and lowest selling brands.
We provide you with a score out of 100 and show you a comparison to other restaurants in your segment.

We evaluate:

  • cleanliness of the bar top and tower

  • proper pour of both pints

  • temperature of the pints

  • beer clean glasses

  • correct branded glasses (if applicable)

  • suggestive selling - beer and draught knowledge

  • signs of oxidation (past-code/old beer)

  • signs of diacetyl (dirty lines)

  • transaction time

  • correct charges

Would you like to know how you rate compared to your competitor? We'll shop them too.

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