Pick One Draught Service Company

It Makes Things So Much Easier

It's time to settle down. No more playing the field.

It's time to pick that someone special that you will build a relationship with based on trust, mutual respect, and clear communication.

Yes...it's time to pick one draught service company.


Chances are that you have several draught technicians coming in to clean your beer taps and maintain your beer lines.
Most of the microbrewers clean their lines as a value-added service. (Note: it is illegal in some areas for brewers to clean their lines - silly law, I know. You need to know what the laws are; I'm not responsible for you if you break the law!)

The problem with multiple people cleaning your beer lines:

There is no one point of responsibility.
If something breaks, they all point a finger at each other.
Some service technicians have their way of doing things, which isn't always the correct way.
In several markets, we can tell you who cleans your lines just by looking at them - it's that bad.
Most professional line cleaning companies charge a minimum truck charge to show up and clean one line. Economies of scale - once you get up to 6+ lines, the price per line drops. Having one company come in to clean a couple of lines is a waste of time and money.
The Solution?
Tell the micro brewery that you would prefer to use your line cleaner to clean their line(s). They do a great job and you trust them. It will be done consistently, promptly, and they will be able to troubleshoot any problems you may encounter because they will know your system inside and out.
But...you want $150 per year from them instead of their cleaner coming in.
What nobody will tell you:
Most brewers who clean their own lines don't want to be in the line cleaning business.
They make money selling and delivering beer, not cleaning lines.
Let's do some math:
  • It costs about $60k a year to put a tech in a truck and have them drive around town cleaning lines.
  • If they work the typical 250 days a year (50 weeks x 5 days), they costs the brewery $240 per day or $30 per hour.
  • Assuming travel time plus line cleaning time, let's say they can clean six accounts per day, so $40 per account.
  • It costs them $480 each year to send their guy in every month to clean their lines in your bar.
You just saved them $330 per year.
If you pour two lines of theirs, ask for $300. They still saved $180.
It isn't until you get to four lines where it makes more sense for them to come in, but at four lines, it can take longer to clean the lines, so the savings may still be there.
If they're not sold, tell them that they can come in and inspect their lines anytime they want.
We have several clients who have done this and it has worked out very, very well for them. Their draught system is more efficient, beer lines and taps are cleaner, and their monthly audit scores are higher.
If they say that their delivery driver cleans the lines and they are there anyhow - start to track how often the lines get cleaned. I'll guarantee it's less frequent than it should be because they make money delivering kegs, not cleaning lines.

Consolidate your line cleaning into one draught service company.
Your beer taps and draught lines will be cleaner and your brewery partners will thank you. 

What does a good draught service company look like?

They should have liability insurance ($2M min), formal training, and use commercial grade cleaning solution and the correct equipment.

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