Quality Certification

Canada's Draught Quality Certification Program

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Clients who subscribe to our Full Program and who receive an audit each month, are entitled to promote themselves as a Certified Establishment.

It’s one thing for you to say that you clean your lines and have fresh, cold beer, but it’s another thing to be certified.


As long as you pass your monthly audits, you can use our certification seal on your:



Marketing Materials

Front Door

Behind The Bar

We'll list you on the Certified Establishment Map on our site.

Your establishment's contact info will be listed.

We'll list what you have on tap.

BBbranded poster per

We have a graphic designer on staff who can work with you to design any customized Better Beer POS

Use these for table talkers, posters, or coasters.

Co-branded - we add your logo and any custom copy.

Now you can prove your draught is the best in town.

The Path To Better Beer

Step 1
Book A Demo

Book in a 20-minute demo so we can see if we are a fit and how much we can save you. 💰
We'll customize a plan based on your challenges and needs.

Step 2
Start The Program

We'll ship you a Glass Cleaning Kit, licky split.
Assign on-line training to your team.
Schedule a Deep Dive Audit and on-boarding for your leadership team. ✅

Step 3
Get Results

Better keg yields, fewer comped pints, increased quality and profitability.
Fewer sleepless nights. Zzzzz
And, you're proud of the pints you sell. ❤️

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