Beer Clean Glasses

There is a difference between a clean beer glass and a beer clean glass. A clean beer glass means that it is sanitized and nobody is getting ill. Nice!

Beer Clean is an industry term to explain that a beer glass is free from oil and grease inside the glass. And…it has a HUGE impact on how your beer is going to taste and look.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Dirty glasses have an invisible film of oil and grease on the inside.
  • This is caused by putting fingers, pop, dairy based drinks, or napkins inside the glass.
  • This gives the beer poor head retention and makes it go flat quickly.
  • A Beer Clean glass has lacing – Rings of foam left on the inside of a freshly consumed pint glass, like this image to the right.

Most pint glasses in the industry are not beer clean.

Here is Steve Riley, Certified CiceroneĀ® and Founder of in a short video explaining the difference:

Beer Glass Cleaning Solutions

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