If you think minimum wage is expensive...

You could lose $1 every four seconds.

June 15, 2019 | By: Steve Riley | Time to read: 2 min

The Canadian hospitality industry has seen the minimum wage for serving staff go up considerably in the past year.
Operators everywhere are struggling with the burden of figuring out how to cover the increases and are, understandably, only focusing on the cost of wages.
In some provinces, the steep increase has been well over $2 per hour, multiplied by the number of staff, then the number of service hours.
This adds up to tens of thousands of dollars per year in lost profits.

We see this far too often. This costs a fortune in lost profits.

The reality is, you can lose the equivalent of a one hour increase in minimum wage for one server in less than 10 seconds if your draught system isn’t firing on all cylinders oryour staff don’t know what they don’t know.
You read that right...
Your draught pours from the tap at the rate of 2 ounces per second. At an average cost of 12.5¢ per ounce, that’s 25¢ per second.
If you think that a $2.30 per hour increase in minimum wage is expensive, consider this:
What if you were losing that $2.30 increase in under 10 seconds and it could be prevented?
That is what’s happening at your draught taps. Bartenders "flushing the lines", "the sacrifice pour", "the service bar swirl", and the ever-popular "the Brewers are sending us foamy kegs".
There are only two reasons for spillage - the system or the staff. It’s been our experience that:
  • 65% of draught spillage is caused by staff that don’t know what they should know
  • 35% is from an inefficient, broken, dirty, or incorrectly installed draught system

It is either your system or your staff.

We can help you sleep better at night. We can help you stop losing a dollar every four seconds. It's time to recoup some of those lost labour dollars.
It's not 1980 anymore.
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