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The Average bar spills
dollars a year in draught beer
We have done
draught quality audits since 2010
Average First Audit Score
Average Third Audit Score
Average Sixth Audit Score
Number of grads from the Serve Better Beer Course
Every month, we check
draught beer lines, couplers, FOBs, and taps.

Cory Luedtke, Franchisee, Boston Pizza

“We brought on Better Beer several years ago to help us with our draught quality and haven’t looked back.
We require all FOH staff to go through the Serve Better Beer draught training and it’s made a big difference in draught quality and keg yields.
Well worth it.

Andy Arndt, Director Of Operational Systems Boston Pizza Franchisee

“Better Beer has become an integral tool in managing our restaurants.
Since jumping on board with this program, we have seen great gains in keeping and maintaining strong draught costs. With the courses, our management teams now have the tools and knowledge to troubleshoot issues within our draught system and ensure we are always serving great pints of beer.
The staff all enjoy the courses and are quick to utilize their learnings with how it emphasizes how serving better beer benefits themselves, and their customers.
<Better Beer has been a fantastic addition to the tools in our restaurant, and with it, we feel confident our customers are enjoying fantastic beer.”

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Dirty Beer Glass

Dirty Beer Glasses are a big problem.

Our Beer Glass Cleaning Kit helps solve the "Service Bar Swirl" and the "Top-it-up" method that staff use to try and solve dirty glassware.
Used once a week, to supplement your current glass washing procedure, this kit comes with a commercial grade brush and a two year supply of glass cleaner.

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