Bundle of Draught To-Go Kit



[wcst_deal_expiry trigger_ids="3784"]Make selling draught to-go easy. Kit includes 3 filler tubes, one double-ended nylon brush, a tub of 100 sanitizer tablets to clean the tubes, a tub of 100 growler cleaning tablets, and our how-to Playbook. Select Which Faucet Type You Have - see images below video. [wcst_guarantee trigger_ids="3779"][wcst_savings trigger_ids="3783"]

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Repair kit and faucet wrench

Eliminate downtime. Have some backup tubing and o-rings on hand in case your filler tube lines crack or break-off. Also included are six replacement o-rings for the three connectors. PLUS - 1 x faucet wrench and 6 x faucet washers in case you need to move faucets around. Perfect if you have some Euro faucets but want to swap with domestic faucets from a different tower.

In stock