Shelf Life

Draught Beer Freshness – Canada

These freshness guidelines have been provided by the brewers themselves.
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BrewerBrand20/30 L50/58LDate FormatVisible Where?
ABIKeith’s75Kegged OnTop & Side
ABIKokanee75Kegged OnTop & Side
ABIBlue75Kegged OnTop & Side
ABIRolling Rock75Kegged OnTop & Side
ABIShock Top75Kegged OnTop & Side
ABILowenbrau75Kegged OnTop & Side
ABIBudweiser60Kegged OnTop & Side
ABIBud Light60Kegged OnTop & Side
Birra MorettiBirra Moretti180Kegged OnTop & Side
Brasserie DunhamAll Saison700700Kegged OnCap or Collar
Brasserie DunhamAPA & Cyclope IPA 365365Kegged OnCap or Collar
Brasserie DunhamRussian Imp. Stout &
Up to 5 yearsUp to 5 yearsKegged OnCap or Collar
Brasseur de MontrealAll90Kegged OnTop & Side
Coast Mountain BrewingAll185185Kegged On
Coors Imports (DDMMY)Banquet70Kegged OnRim
CreemoreBatch60Kegged OnCollar
CreemoreAll Creemore60Kegged OnCollar
CreemoreHops & Bolts60Kegged OnCollar
CreemoreMad & Noisy60Kegged OnCollar
DiageoGuinnessBest BeforeTop
DiageoKilkennyBest BeforeTop
DiageoSmithwicksBest BeforeTop
DiageoHarpBest BeforeTop
Dos EquisDos Equis180Kegged OnTop & Side
Forked RiverAllBest BeforeCollar
Goose IslandAll90Kegged OnTop & Side
Granville IslandAll90Julian CodeRim
HeinekenHeineken270Best BeforeCollar
LagunitasLagunitas180DDMMYYTop & Side
Lake of BaysAll120Kegged OnTop & Side
Mill StreetCoffee Porter365Kegged OnTop & Side
Mill StreetLemon Tea365Kegged OnTop & Side
Mill StreetCobblestone Stout365Kegged OnTop & Side
Mill StreetVanilla Porter365Kegged OnTop & Side
Mill StreetOrganic180Kegged OnTop & Side
Mill StreetAll Others180Kegged OnTop & Side
Molson Coors CanadaBlack Label3560Kegged OnTop & Side
Molson Coors CanadaBlack Horse3560Kegged OnTop & Side
Molson Coors CanadaCanadian3560Kegged OnTop & Side
Molson Coors CanadaCanadian 673560Kegged OnTop & Side
Molson Coors CanadaCoors Light3560Kegged OnTop & Side
Molson Coors CanadaExport3560Kegged OnTop & Side
Molson Coors CanadaLaurentide3560Kegged OnTop & Side
Molson Coors CanadaMGD60Kegged OnTop & Side
Molson Coors CanadaMiller Lite60Kegged OnTop & Side
Molson Coors CanadaMolson M3560Kegged OnTop & Side
Molson Coors CanadaMolson Dry60Kegged OnTop & Side
Molson Coors CanadaOld Vienna3560Kegged OnTop & Side
Molson Coors CanadaPilsner3560Kegged OnTop & Side
Molson Coors CanadaRickard’s3560Kegged OnTop & Side
Molson Coors CanadaStock60Kegged OnTop & Side
Molson Coors CanadaBelgian Moon3560Kegged OnTop & Side
Newcastle BrownNewcastle Brown270Best BeforeCollar
PremiumMoosehead240Kegged OnTop
PremiumCracked Canoe240Kegged OnTop
PremiumHop City240Kegged OnTop
Sleeman'sSleeman’s120Kegged OnTop & Side
Sleeman'sPabst Blue Ribbon120Kegged OnTop & Side
Sleeman'sSaporro120Kegged OnTop & Side
SolSol180Kegged OnTop & Side
Stanley ParkAll90Kegged OnTop & Side
StaropramenAll270Julian Code (kegged on date)Top
Steam WhistleSteam Whistle90Kegged OnCollar
Stella ArtoisStella Artois120Best BeforeCap
StrongbowStrongbow365Julian CodeTop
TecateTecate180Julian CodeTop & Side
Trider’s Craft BeerAll120120Kegged OnCollar
William Street Beer Co.All6060Kegged On (MM/DD)Cap