Using The Caps

Stop wasting the beer in your lines during every line cleaning.

  1. Place cap on coupler and engage the coupler.

  2. Trip the FOB (disarm the FOB). Push the pin up on TecFlo, twist knob up on DFC, turn switch up on TruPour.

  3. Once the beer has been sold in the line, 86 that brand and remove the tap handle.

Best Practices:

Ask your line cleaner to tell you how much beer is in the line when they clean the lines next. They can do this by using a graduated cylinder sprayed with non-stick spray.

Use the countdown feature on your POS to automatically 86 the brand once it sells.

Communicate what is happening with your bar staff.

Start with 6 brands until your team gets in the habit of doing this every month.

Pick the highest cost per ounce brands.

Place a small bucket / insert / hotel pan on a shelf in the walk-in that will hold the caps when not in use.