Restaurants Canada 2014 Forecast

Restaurants Canada LogoYou may not be aware, but the CRFA recently changed it’s name to Restaurants Canada. Maybe it’s because people got confused with the dreaded tax man at CRA.  Let’s face it, nobody wants to be confused for them.

Anyhow…the good folks at Restaurants Canada released a forecast for 2014 last month on YouTube.  Some things to be excited for:

  • Foodservce sales to grow by 4.7% in 2014. NICE!
  • Drinking places (bars and taverns) will see a growth this year of 1.3%. They’ve been on a slide for years, so its nice to see a rebound last year and this year. Maybe it’s because they are being forced to focus on food now as well as drinks.  If that keeps up they’ll get reclassified as full-service casual.
  • Canadian growth is driven by the west.  I know that while beer is growing in Alberta, it’s basically flat in BC. All beer that is, not a specific segment of beer.

There is more, but I’ll let you check it out.  What did you find as the biggest surprise? Tell us in the comments.

Cheers, Steve