Branded Beer Glasses – Reason # 5

milk_in_beer_glsToday, the last in our series of five reasons why branded beer glasses are important.  Using branded glasses helps keep the beer glass “beer clean”.

Other reasons why they are important: guests want them, they impact the flavour of the beer, they help your restaurant run smoother, and Nucleation.

So what is a “Beer Clean Glass”? Don’t you mean a “clean beer glass”?  A clean beer glass has been sanitized and is clean as far as the health board is concerned.  It means that nobody is getting sick and life is good.

A Beer Clean Glass is different. A Beer Clean glass means that it is free from oil and grease and it has a HUGE impact on the way that your beer tastes and looks.  You can see more info here.

Using generic un-branded glasses makes it too easy for your bartenders to put a pop/soda, dairy based cocktails,  coffee with cream, or my kids chocolate milk into your pint glasses.  I see bartenders drinking coffee with cream out of pint glasses all the time.  When the glasses are branded they don’t usually put anything other than beer into them. I think the reason is that they see the branding and are reminded that it’s a beer only glass.

Cheers to branded glasses.