Heineken Extra Cold

Understanding How It Works

Do you have a Heineken Extra Cold Tower in your bar?

Do you struggle with foaming or over-fills?

Frustrated with downtime and lower yields?

We can help.

Our Understanding HXC Tower Video is now available for free.

A must-watch for every Bartender & Manager.

This six-minute video covers how the tower works, how to properly pour a pint, the importance of using a Heineken branded glass, and much, much more. Confirm your email address (unsub at any time) to gain access to this valuable video.

This video was not paid for nor endorsed by Heineken. It is not an endorsement of Heineken or the tower by Better Beer. It is provided as an educational video to hospitality professionals who use the tower to help them improve draught quality and profitability.
Until now, it has only been available to our clients, but since we are receiving questions about the system, we are making it available to everyone.

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