3 Things You Need To Know

About St Patrick’s Day

While we are all about beer, we thought that it would be a good idea to explain a few things about St Patrick’s Day that aren’t entirely beer focused.
1. It’s St Paddy not St Patty as clearly explained here.
2. Don’t let anyone put green dye in your beer.  We’re not elitists, but brewers spend a great deal of time crafting their brews, paying close attention to colour. “We drink with our eyes”, I once heard and I believe it to be true. You wouldn’t buy a handcrafted cupcake from the baker and then use a knife to smear and destroy the decorative icing before giving it to someone.  It’s the same thing as dying your beer. If a Bar Keep tries to put green dye in your pint, turn around and walk out.  You’ll thank me later.
3. Lots of good history and facts of the day in this infographic below from Visual. ly

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