Setting The Record Straight

There was an article a while back that went viral.  It was titled “beers you should stop drinking right now” (or some other fear-inducing title) and it listed the awful “ingredients” that some brewers used.

I am not a brewer, but I know a few things about beer, and I thought that the article had some glaring issues.  I was happy to see that Maureen Ogle debunked the article’s claims on her blog, Observation Post.

Maureen Ogle

“A few weeks back, an entrepreneur (in this case a modern-day version of a snake oil salesperson) who calls herself the Food Babe used her website to malign the brewing industry.

She accused brewers of employing a host of “shocking” ingredients: GMOs! Beaver anal glands! Corn syrup! GMO corn syrup! Carcinogenic caramel coloring! Etc.

She claimed to have conducted a substantive “investigation” into beer ingredients and when breweries declined to confirm/deny, concluded that beermakers had something to hide.”

It’s a long read, but if you enjoy a beer every now and then, it’s worth the 20 minutes to read the article and the comments.  Thanks Maureen for taking the time to write such a great article.

Cheers, Steve

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