How To Order A Beer…

without being a DB

This #Infographic is a simple guide for ordering beer at a bar.

While meant to be funny, there is some truth here.  I think there are two key points to take away from this:

1. A draught menu/list should be up-to-date and have clear descriptions that describe the liquid, not the brand. “Cold, crisp, & refreshing” or “Hoppy IPA” don’t cut it.  The descriptions can be provided by the brewer but should include style, ABV, IBUs, and a ~50 word description.  This save people from taking up the barkeep’s valuable time – especially when it’s busy.  Besides, you’d get your beer faster if more people read the menu.

2. Train your staff. With the escalating brand churn from all brewers, some Beer 101 training for staff is critical.  They don’t need to know about alpha acids or over-attenuation, but some beer basics are key.  There are some great on-line and in person courses out there.

Regardless, on behalf of bartenders everywhere, more people need to take this approach to ordering beer.


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