Post-Covid Beer Challenges

Everything has changed.
Draught quality is more important now than ever.

Join us to discuss best practices and how to prepare for the second closure.

And just like that, everything changed.

We've noticed that since restaurants and bars have reopened there has been a steep decline in draught quality

Each month we do hundreds of audits at bars across the country and give them a draught quality score out of 100. Finally, three months after re-opening most are starting to get back to where scores they were before the closures hit in March. 

We've seen so many little things that are now big problems:

  • Past code kegs
  • Draught line cleaning issues - too long between cleans, water left in lines, and improperly cleaned lines
  • dirty beer glasses - unsanitized glasses
  • improper pouring - burying the faucet
  • and dirty beer fridges

We started asking clients, "What's up?"

Over and over again we heard from them that their managers at the store level are so overwhelmed with covid procedures that they are neglecting the day-to-day best practices for many things, including draught quality.

So we thought now is a good time to do a webinar on some quick and easy tips and techniques to solve some of the small issues which have turned into big issues. 

We've also got the feeling that many operators are concerned about a second closure coming, so we’ll also discuss the best practices about closing down your system that we’ve learned from the first round. 

Join us for our webinar on Tuesday, October 20th at 2 p.m. EDT where we'll talk about these things and more. 

We’ll cover techniques to improve your draft quality that can be done quickly and easily by anyone on your staff. And then will also cover things that you should start thinking about in case the second round happens. 

Webinar replay will be available to those who register and do not attend.
What We Do

At Better Beer, we know you want to be a profitable, successful restaurateur who serves quality pints.

In order to do that you need properly trained staff and an efficient draught system that consistently pours cold, clean, clear beer.

The problem is that in most cases, draught service techs and bartenders only receive basic hand-me-down training that is out-dated and reinforces bad habits already developed. Draught techs typically aren’t paid well and they are over-worked, so some of them cut corners.

No wonder you feel confused about why your system pours foamy beer, frustrated that guests return pints, and feel at a loss for why you can’t hit theoretical draught costs.

I understand because I’ve been there.


Steve Riley
Founder, Better Beer
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