Andrew Latchford

Hi Andrew,

I know that Cactus Club prides its self on quality and service. I enjoy visiting your restaurants.

Draught spillage is an issue at many bars. It costs hundreds of thousands chain wide per year.

This was shot at your Broadway store yesterday.

We can help. We specialize in draught quality – cost-effective, online staff draught training specifically.  We can help Cactus Club like we have helped so many others.

We don’t clean lines or sell draught equipment or meters. I’m not looking for you to switch from any of your current suppliers.

Let’s meet for 20 minutes to see if there is a fit.  I am in Vancouver the week after next so let’s book in a time that works for you, either below, by email, or phone at (888) 811-2337 ext 1.

Have a great Thanksgiving. Looking forward to chatting. Cheers, Steve