Draught Training For Brewery Sales Teams

Use This Downtime For Sales Rep Training

Do you have sales reps with downtime?

Are they working from home?

Trying to figure out what the hell is going to happen when things open up?

99.9% of returned kegs are perfectly fine.
Empower your reps to solve your customers draught issues and stop the return madness.

Your reps can become the trusted advisors they should be so when your customers ask them draught questions, they will confidently be able to answer.

A mix of online and live video conference training that covers:

  • The different types of draught systems
  • Understanding proper pour and proper procedures for keg changes
  • Selling beer for bartenders and servers
  • Advanced troubleshooting - stop customers from returning perfectly good kegs (the problems are on-premise, not at the brewery)
  • Dirty beer glasses - why they kill your beer sales
  • Understanding line cleaning and how to tell if it is being done properly.

You Are Not Alone.
Let Us Train Your Team Like We Have Others.